Don’t Be Afraid to Hire a New Trainer

Still Life: May 2007There are many people out there that could use a personal trainer but are too embarassed to get one, and that is not ok. We should not publically shame those that are out there getting help for their conditions. Sure, they might have done this to themselves but that does not mean that they deserve to stay this way forever. At least they are out there trying to do something about it. So I say go ahead and get a personal trainer in manchester. Don’t let anyone elses views stand in your way, the only persons opinion that matters is your own. So if you think that you need to get out there and you want to get out there then go right ahead.

Getting Fit For Hockey

Once your hockey careers has finished up, it is difficult to keep in shape.

For all the scientific evidence out there, the absolute basics of getting fit and keeping fit just comes down to some common-sense principals.

You may not have your regular game of hockey or training sessions to keep you active, but the good news is that in just a couple exercise sessions per week that you can achieve health and fitness with little fuss.


Ontario Hockey League


In 1890 by the newly created Ontario Hockey Association or OHA first organized a professional league for ice hockey in Ontario. The association recognized professional junior hockey in 1892 which referred not to the age but rather to the skills of the player. The OHA has evolved and developed four eras of junior aged non-professional hockey in Ontario. The Major Junior A Group parted ways from OHA in 1974 and became Ontario Major Junior Hockey League. They later changed their name in 1980 and was named Ontario Hockey League.

The Ontario Hockey League is a hockey league that is based in Ontario, a Canadian province next to Michigan and near where Toronto is. There is only one American team in the league.

The league has seventeen (17) minor league hockey teams. After hockey was invented in 1952, and after the NHL was created soon after, the sport took off in popularity. This became more popular in 1957 after the CBC began TV broadcasting. More people wanted to play the sport than there were roster spots in the NHL.

Therefore, a minor league was created, and was called the Ontario Hockey League. Other than the NHL it is the only hockey league which exists.  Despite this, the New York Times can’t even fit to print the standings of the league in its sports section.

Teams in the Ontario Hockey

◾Saginaw Spirit

◾Owen Sound

◾Belleville Bulls

◾Brampton Battalion

◾Kingston Frontenacs

◾Kitchener Rangers

◾London Knights

◾Mississauga IceDogs

◾Oshawa Generals

◾Ottawa 67s

◾Petersborough Petes

◾Plymouth Whalers

◾Sarnia Sting

◾Sault Sainte Marie Greyhounds

◾Sudbury Wolves

◾Toronto Saint Michael’s Majors

◾Windsor Spitfires

Field Hockey Sticks


Finding the best field hockey stick depends on several factors: style of play, pitch position and your build. The body build is the most important. You will struggle with your game if a stick is too heavy or too long for you no matter how intricate the design. Some sticks are more appropriate for power players, others are suitable for finesse players. It is still best to choose a field hockey stick by visiting a sports store and trying them out.

The length of the field hockey stick must be checked by standing it on the ground next to you. The field hockey stick should be one to two inches below your waist. When playing defense, it useful to have a longer stick and a shorter stick should be used when playing in attack.

Check that the weight is evenly distributed by gripping the stick. Sticks usually weigh between 18 and 25 ounces. Defenders use the most suitable sticks which weighs a heavier 22-24 oz. Forwards use a lighter 19-20 oz stick. While midfielders use sticks that are somewhere in between to allow for both finesse and power.

There are different kinds of toe, the curved end of the stick that is used to strike the ball,  to choose for your stick. This would depend on the position and style of play. “Midi” toes on the stick offer some power and some finesse,  ”hook” toes are for power players and “shorti” toes are best for finesse players looking to dribble.

The material of your field hockey stick depends solely on your own preference. Carbon, Kevlar and fiberglass sticks are all available and come within field hockey regulations.

Hockey Games for Kids


There are different hockey games that kids can play. If kids don’t know how to skate, floor hockey gives them an opportunity to experience the thrill and challenges of playing the game. Tennis shoes are worn in this game instead of ice skates or roller skates. The rules for floor hockey are almost the same as ice hockey, without physical contact known as “checking.” Starting with individual and pair games can teach the children how to control the puck as well as the basics of the game.

A version of floor hockey that limits the area each player can run to on the playing area is zone hockey. It teaches the children to pass precisely and stand in a position instead of running after the puck wherever it goes. The floor hockey playing area should be divided into zones. Each team should allow two to three players to stand in that zone and move the puck with their sticks in that zone. The player must pass it to the next zone when he/she reaches the end of their zone.

Playing Goalie Hockey, two markers of the same color are placed at a distance of ten to fifteen feet along the edge of the playing area of the hockey floor rink. Each goalie must defend the cones. Every player is both an offensive player and a goalie. Eight to ten players are allowed to play on a floor rink at a time. The goal is to stop the puck from entering your goal, while shooting it past any other goalie on the floor rink. A player scores one point every time they make a goal, and each one scored into her goal is a negative point. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins.

Air Hockey Games


Air hockey is a table game that is fast paced and often seen with other family-friendly games like ping-pong, foosball and bumper pool. An air hockey table is measured at 6 feet by 4 feet playing surface and is suspended waist-high from the floor. There are hundreds of small holes on the smooth top which allow generated air to flow through. Red and blue lines decorate the playing field similar to those found in ice hockey. The objective of the game is to use a special striker called a mallet or paddle to force the puck into the opponent’s goal.

The air cushion is supposed to suspend a round plastic puck slightly above the playing surface. There are side rails on the table to keep the puck in play. The game play in air hockey relies on misdirection and deception, so rail shots and bank shots are very important to master.

The game begins with one player designated as the server. The puck is placed on the servers side of the table and the other player must anticipate and block the serve. The puck can be returned by the opponent once it crosses the center line.

Players cannot trap the puck with their mallets. This is considered a foul and the opponent would receive the puck. Block shots cannot be made with other parts of the players bodies and have only seven seconds to strike the puck once it reaches their side.

The first player to score a designated number of goals is declared the winner. In tournament play the winning score is 7, but amateur players can set any number as a winning score.

Hockey Games Online


Hockey is a hard hitting, fast-paced game on ice. It is essential to develop the skill to skate fast and control a puck at the same time, let alone shoot the puck. To help imitate the game play without any risk of broken bones or fist fights, there are free online hockey games that kids can log into.

“Ice Hockey” is simple to pick up and easy to play as a hockey simulation. It only has three players on each team, including the goalie. Switching players isn’t a problem because control automatically switches to the player closest to the puck. Move the players around using the control pad. Hit the spacebar to shoot or pass once you have the puck. On defense, the spacebar will hit the offensive players, hopefully knocking the puck loose without getting you a penalty.

“Between the Pipes” imitates the tension of a shoot out. In the event of a tie, a shoot out occurs.  Each teams goalie will have to defend the nets they guard from an opposing player. A certain number of shots is given to each team to take the win. You get to try fifteen times to score on the goalie in this game. You select your opponent before the game starts. The view is a behind-the-shoulder view toward the goalie. Control is simple once the game begins. A set of arrows will be scrolling up and down the side of the goal. To stop the arrows, click on the puck with your left mouse button. This is where your player will shoot. Decide on the angle of your shot by dragging the puck with your mouse button and release to shoot.