Air Hockey Games


Air hockey is a table game that is fast paced and often seen with other family-friendly games like ping-pong, foosball and bumper pool. An air hockey table is measured at 6 feet by 4 feet playing surface and is suspended waist-high from the floor. There are hundreds of small holes on the smooth top which allow generated air to flow through. Red and blue lines decorate the playing field similar to those found in ice hockey. The objective of the game is to use a special striker called a mallet or paddle to force the puck into the opponent’s goal.

The air cushion is supposed to suspend a round plastic puck slightly above the playing surface. There are side rails on the table to keep the puck in play. The game play in air hockey relies on misdirection and deception, so rail shots and bank shots are very important to master.

The game begins with one player designated as the server. The puck is placed on the servers side of the table and the other player must anticipate and block the serve. The puck can be returned by the opponent once it crosses the center line.

Players cannot trap the puck with their mallets. This is considered a foul and the opponent would receive the puck. Block shots cannot be made with other parts of the players bodies and have only seven seconds to strike the puck once it reaches their side.

The first player to score a designated number of goals is declared the winner. In tournament play the winning score is 7, but amateur players can set any number as a winning score.