Field Hockey Sticks


Finding the best field hockey stick depends on several factors: style of play, pitch position and your build. The body build is the most important. You will struggle with your game if a stick is too heavy or too long for you no matter how intricate the design. Some sticks are more appropriate for power players, others are suitable for finesse players. It is still best to choose a field hockey stick by visiting a sports store and trying them out.

The length of the field hockey stick must be checked by standing it on the ground next to you. The field hockey stick should be one to two inches below your waist. When playing defense, it useful to have a longer stick and a shorter stick should be used when playing in attack.

Check that the weight is evenly distributed by gripping the stick. Sticks usually weigh between 18 and 25 ounces. Defenders use the most suitable sticks which weighs a heavier 22-24 oz. Forwards use a lighter 19-20 oz stick. While midfielders use sticks that are somewhere in between to allow for both finesse and power.

There are different kinds of toe, the curved end of the stick that is used to strike the ball,  to choose for your stick. This would depend on the position and style of play. “Midi” toes on the stick offer some power and some finesse,  ”hook” toes are for power players and “shorti” toes are best for finesse players looking to dribble.

The material of your field hockey stick depends solely on your own preference. Carbon, Kevlar and fiberglass sticks are all available and come within field hockey regulations.