Hockey Games for Kids


There are different hockey games that kids can play. If kids don’t know how to skate, floor hockey gives them an opportunity to experience the thrill and challenges of playing the game. Tennis shoes are worn in this game instead of ice skates or roller skates. The rules for floor hockey are almost the same as ice hockey, without physical contact known as “checking.” Starting with individual and pair games can teach the children how to control the puck as well as the basics of the game.

A version of floor hockey that limits the area each player can run to on the playing area is zone hockey. It teaches the children to pass precisely and stand in a position instead of running after the puck wherever it goes. The floor hockey playing area should be divided into zones. Each team should allow two to three players to stand in that zone and move the puck with their sticks in that zone. The player must pass it to the next zone when he/she reaches the end of their zone.

Playing Goalie Hockey, two markers of the same color are placed at a distance of ten to fifteen feet along the edge of the playing area of the hockey floor rink. Each goalie must defend the cones. Every player is both an offensive player and a goalie. Eight to ten players are allowed to play on a floor rink at a time. The goal is to stop the puck from entering your goal, while shooting it past any other goalie on the floor rink. A player scores one point every time they make a goal, and each one scored into her goal is a negative point. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins.