Hockey Games Online


Hockey is a hard hitting, fast-paced game on ice. It is essential to develop the skill to skate fast and control a puck at the same time, let alone shoot the puck. To help imitate the game play without any risk of broken bones or fist fights, there are free online hockey games that kids can log into.

“Ice Hockey” is simple to pick up and easy to play as a hockey simulation. It only has three players on each team, including the goalie. Switching players isn’t a problem because control automatically switches to the player closest to the puck. Move the players around using the control pad. Hit the spacebar to shoot or pass once you have the puck. On defense, the spacebar will hit the offensive players, hopefully knocking the puck loose without getting you a penalty.

“Between the Pipes” imitates the tension of a shoot out. In the event of a tie, a shoot out occurs.  Each teams goalie will have to defend the nets they guard from an opposing player. A certain number of shots is given to each team to take the win. You get to try fifteen times to score on the goalie in this game. You select your opponent before the game starts. The view is a behind-the-shoulder view toward the goalie. Control is simple once the game begins. A set of arrows will be scrolling up and down the side of the goal. To stop the arrows, click on the puck with your left mouse button. This is where your player will shoot. Decide on the angle of your shot by dragging the puck with your mouse button and release to shoot.